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Busy Weekend

This weekend was the AT&T Golf Tournament. Lots of interesting people in town. All of them were polite and behaved well most of the time, at least while interacting with me and my taxi. One lady didn’t have any money. Another was extremely depressed and crying as the police escorted her out of a hotel. I hope she’s okay. I advised her to stop drinking and move to a ground floor apartment. The stairs up to her place were truly scary.

I call this (and my taxi) The Luxton Rocket because there is a street in Seaside named Luxton. I pick up three guys there once in a while and take them to work over the hill. One time I brought them home the same day, just by chance. These guys don’t say much, but I could relate to the difference between going to work and going home. I felt like I was driving a time machine or a spaceship.

I also considered Griffith Observatory as a name for my cab, since it was a comic book I liked as a child. It didn’t have the same action quotient as Luxton Rocket however.


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