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Poas Volcano, Costa Rica


I took this picture with my phone.

The other morning, I think it was Thursday or Friday, the 21st or 22nd, we saw a plume of vapor above the not-too-distant peaks in the East.
Turrialba Volcano was emitting toxic gases, the TV news said.


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On my first Saturday here (Feb 16) I went on a field trip to Poas Volcano with Ily’s philosophy class, for class presentations. I participated in a skit on Marxism (written by Ily) with Ily & her colleagues – I played a priest selling indulgences, hearing confession from a rich girl, a poor girl, and a promiscuous nun.
Everyone but the poor girl was killed in the end. It was quite the smash. Ily got an A in the class. She is a natural playwright.

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Great New Blog!

There is a wonderful new blog on WordPress, of special interest to Central Coast citizens, cyclists, and all those interested in freedom and articulate written expression.

It is called Xasáuan Today. Check it out. I think you will like it.

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