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This weekend Ily and I went to the town of La Fortuna to visit the hotsprings at the base of Arenal Volcano. We stayed at a place called Los Lagos Hotel. They had a swimming pool and some hotspring pools. It was a nice trip, nice to get out of the city for a couple of days.

The weather was cool and foggy most of the time, but on Saturday morning we could see the volcano. Everyone said that was unusual for this time of year. The night before, we had got a momentary glimpse of fire and sparks shooting out of the cone, accompanied by an ominous rumble.

We saw an armadillo one day, and I found a large insect drowning in a fountain. It was very pale green, about three and a half inches long, with huge curved pincers coming out of its head. Ily said it was a Machaca bug, and if it bites a woman, the Indians say she has to have sex immediately to counteract the poison. Not surprisingly, this insect is also associated with fertility.


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This morning started out clear and sunny, then got cloudy. Right now it is kind of half overcast, a bright gray day. The power went off briefly this morning, making everyone on my floor groan in one voice. It’s weird, even though the power to all our computers went off, the air-conditioning kept up its annoying loud drone throughout the episode. Makes me wonder about the company’s electrical priorities.

Last night we watched part of the vice-presidential debate. It got boring after about half an hour, and we ended up watching a horror movie called Wind Chill. Ily liked it for what she considered a realistic potrayal of dead people who can’t rest and need to call attention to themselves (a cry for help) by creating creepy scenes for stranded travelers in the middle of the night.

I suppose this realism could recommend it, but it still didn’t make it a good movie in my opinion.

I got a letter from my Dad yesterday too, written from the convalescent hospital. He mentioned that it was the same place where his mom died, way back in 1980. That was quite a year, an election year. My mom died that same year too. I hope Dad’s surgery works to keep him pain-free and happy.

Yesterday when I left work it wasn’t raining for a change. I went to meet Ily and her co-worker Karen at the Trigo Miel cafe downtown. Just before I got there, I stepped in dogshit, one hazard of having so many dogs wandering loose around the city. Ily says stepping in poop is good luck, and insisted that I buy a lottery ticket today. Fortunately it was pretty dry and came off easily. After the cafe, we walked up to Parque Embarazada where I wiped my shoe on the grass as another dog watched from the bench where he was sitting with his people.

This is how the sky looked when I got back to work from lunch Sept. 9

This is how the sky looked when I got back to work from lunch Sept. 9

The park’s name is not really Parque Embarazada (Pregnant Park), people just called it that because everyone went there to make out. Ily says it used to be really nice, with a lot of lush trees and bushes, and a nice stone railing all around the perimeter, but most of the trees were cut down to reduce the romantic atmosphere, however, lots of people still seem to go there to make out. Actually, you see couples everywhere close together with a romantic feeling, in doorways, parks, or at the bus stop, especially at night. It’s that legendary Latin American romance.

There is a mini mall next to McDonald’s with a sign out front listing all the rules. One rule is “No Escenas Amarosas,” No Amorous Scenes. The same warning is on a sign in the lobby of the free government clinic, where people start lining up at 4am to see a doctor.

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