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Lava slab sidewalk

Posting from the phone doesn’t work as seamlessly as I’d hoped.


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Bike stories

It was my last day of work in Costa Rica yesterday, and while surfing around, I found a couple of stories that include bike themes. One is in Vanity Fair and features Arnold Schwarznegger tearing around Santa Monica on his bike, reminiscing. It’s mostly about California’s economic decline and has an almost upbeat ending. The other is in the New Yorker and takes place in Africa, where the economy is in even worse shape, but a bike will take you far.



The photo is of the historic lava slab sidewalk, ubiquitous in the Costa Rican central valley towns. I’m including it just because I had a photo of it before, but now I have a better camera.

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Farewell Costa Rica

I’m coming north at the end of this month, thinking I should start posting again. It’s been a while … Here’s a sunset from Jacó on the Pacific, my first post from my phone. Looking forwatd to taxiing again.

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