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Thank you!

I’m amazed how my intention for this blog brought immediate success. My intention was to change my thoughts. To communicate with the universe and with the machinery of the world, and thereby change my own habits of thinking. My habits are not deeply ingrained and so they seem easy to change. I am fortunate in this respect.

I want to say a big sincere thank you to the universe and to the machinery of the world for accepting my thoughts and intentions and words and mirroring them back to me truly.

And again I want to thank all the people, animals and machines, as well as inanimate things that helped me during my life. I am really very grateful to all of you. You helped me a great deal. I appreciate that you are still helping me.

Specifically, I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you, to my customers, to my car, and to my phone & a big special extra special thank you and “I love you” to my beautiful, smart and talented girlfriend.

And on all of our behalf I want to say thank you to the world, to the air, to the ocean, to the earth, and to all the grocery stores that provide the coffee and food that help us to be happy and carefree.


Most things in my life still seem to be getting better. As a general trend. Sometimes I don’t feel so great but that passes within a few days in most cases.

Recently I read about a dog that adopted a man with inoperable cancer. And the man’s cancer disappeared within a day or two after befriending this dog. I want to thank this dog, and this man, and the people who wrote the story and put it on the internet. Also I want to thank the internet personally for supporting my dreams. Thank you again. Thank you!


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